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Sep 29, 2013

STLFW Project Runway Part One

Last night Saint Louis Fashion week hosted the Project Runway fashion show at the Fabulous Fox theater on Grand. The venue was gorgeous and felt lavish and very special. A perfect place to bring national attention to our fair city. Cocktails were served in the decadent lobby, while models adorned in Scarlett Designs posed on the promenade.
Of course I had to bring some arm candy; my lovely date Carolyn, whom I had the pleasure of styling for the evening:
I didn't get a picture of my other partner in crime, Molly, and it's a damn shame because she looked awesome. Thanks to Alive Magazine, I had a fantastic seat on the stage, with a perfect view of the runway.
Check out the fabulous flower vase earrings on the woman in front of me:
Stay tuned for pictures from the runway and my rundown on what I thought worked and what didn't!

1 comment:

  1. I saw those flower pot earrings too on the lady in the audience and wanted to ask where she got them! Really great show!