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Sep 29, 2013

STLFW Project Runway Part 2

The night was full of surprises. Laura Kathleen brought a mature take on futurism, Victor Luna and Joshua McKinley kept the camp coming, and Michael Drummond brought a unique brand of mummy bondage! Anthony Ryan  had superior attention to detail, but didn't wow me with his collection. Maybe I had set my standards too high after he killed on Project Runway Allstars. April Johnston overdid it with her styling, but I did like her ethereal white on white effect. Casanova seemed stuck in "da club," but finished on a high note. Well, enough chat, let's dig in! On with the show! Here are highlights from each designer's runway:
Anthony Ryan:
April Johnston
Joshua McKinley
Laura Kathleen
Michael Drummond
Victor Luna
All photos by Mark Schwigen for Alive Magazine

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