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Sep 30, 2013

Fashion Inspiration: Walter White

Unlike most of America, I missed Breaking Bad last night.

After spending the day setting up, hosting, and breaking down a 70th birthday party for my father,  I was beat. Sooo, that means I have been aggressively avoiding the internet today to avoid spoiling the show for me tonight. Needless to say that made this posting a tad tricky.

 I am so excited to watch it tonight, though, and in honor of that, I want to take a few fashion cues from Heisenberg himself:

Obviously, the hat is necessary, the pants are optional.

 Jacket by Mackage, Cords by Rag and Bone (on sale here), Button down by Brunello Cucinelli, Hat by Karl Lagerfeld, Shoes by Kork-Ease.


  1. Love this!! I've been binge-watching the last season all weekend and today-we're dying to catch up before the finale is spoiled for us!

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