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Apr 18, 2011

fashion inspiration: Just One of the Guys

A recent bout of the stomach flu reunited me with an old favorite; 1985's Just One of the Guys.

I hate it when you revisit a childhood favorite and it just doesn't live up to what you one thought it was. This was not the case with Just One of the Guys. The movie is hilarious. The clothing is awesome. Perfect eighties movie, complete with breast reveal in the climax. What more do you want?

So we'll do a couple looks. A "guy" look, a lady look, and another look from the flick I just like.

Look #1: Just One of the Guys.

Joyce Hyser channels a rockabilly Ralph Maccio as lead character, Terry.

my take:

*blouse by Gucci

*vest by Thakoon

*black jeans by CURRENT/ELLIOT

*shoes by Madewell

Look #2: Hot Mama

Cute from the back too!

It's like Versace meets The Flintstones!

*ALC knitted leather tunic

*leather skirt by Acne

*booties by Jeffrey Campbell

Look #3: Cute cute cute!

Sandy, played by the lovely Sherilyn Fenn (whom you may recognize from Twin Peaks. Holla!) in an adorable ensemble.

sans flannel=even better

my take-which is super literal on this one, because it's already sooo good.

*bustier by Karen Millan

*black skirt by Tibi

*See by Chloe

roll up them sleeves and stack up some major bangles!

*bangles by Amrita Singh

finish your look off with these amazing stilettos from Camilla Skavgaard:

And remember, when you can't get what you want as yourself, try it in drag! Who knows, it worked for Terry!

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