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May 30, 2014

Fashion Inspiration: 80s U2

Lately, I’ve been listening to the podcast U Talking U2 To Me? with Adam Scott and Scott Aukerman, or Scott and Scott as they refer to each other on the show. Though the podcast is billed as the complete compendium of all things U2, it is really mostly silly inside jokes, such as the hosts' repeated attempts to outdo each other by pronouncing Achtung Baby in as many different funny ways as possible. Still, it has managed to rekindle my love for U2 and led me to rewatch the movie Rattle and Hum, which doesn’t really hold up exactly, but remains dear to my heart just because I watched it so many times growing up. My older sister Sarah was a huge U2 fan as a teenager, and being a typical little sister I liked whatever she liked. Seeing the movie again made me realize my sister’s love of U2 back in the day went way beyond just appreciating their music; she straight up dressed like Bono. Which is nothing to be ashamed of! In fact, it gave me the idea for this post.

When I think of Bono in Rattle and Hum, I think of him performing “Bad” wearing suspenders with no shirt. I didn’t include a picture of it here, because I didn’t want to give anyone the vapors, but go look it up. Thus, my Bono-inspired ensemble HAD to have suspenders. For us ladies, it is probably best to wear something underneath the suspenders, at least in public (if you don’t want to, more power to you). And of course, as this was before U2 had completely evolved out of their earnest, religious phase, a cross is a necessity.

1. Leather vest by Vince
3. Pin striped trouser by Sonia Rykiel
4. Cross necklace by Stefano Tartini
5. Studded suspenders by Rodarte
6. Biker boots by Madewell

Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? How about something with a little more Edge.

The Edge definitely dressed better in the 80s than in later years. A black felt hat isn’t the most practical for this time of year, but you really can’t dress like the Edge without one.

1. Buttondown shirt by Free People
2. Ripped jeans by TopShop
3. Tiger's eye leather belt by Mango
4. Black felt trilby by Marie Mercié
5. Sandals by Matisse

It's a musical journey...(Source)
I'm very curious to hear how many of you out there are an Edge vs. a Bono. Or perhaps you are an Adam Clayton or a Larry Mullen, Jr.?