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Jun 2, 2014

Taking Summer Style Cues From Mother Russia

I am always checking out what other fashion bloggers are up to. Particularly at the change of the season, when I am thinking about how I want to update my wardrobe. Summer is especially hard for me because I am a layers gal, so I need all the help I can get when it comes to new ideas for how to look put together and unique when the blistering hot weather calls for tank tops and cutoffs. Russian blogger Karina Malinana has great summer style. In particular I love this look:

I love how bright her dress is without being too girly. I am so impressed by her ability to make an "alice" headband look adult. It's kind of an urban gypsy ensemble, and I love it. Now I just need to find the pieces to make this my own. Here's my take on Karina's bold and festive summer look:

Headband by PHOENIX, Peasant dress by Romwe, Sunglasses by Kuboraum, Earrings by Katie Diamond, Platforms by LOVE Moschino.

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