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Jun 13, 2014

Skirting The Issue

I have really been feeling full, tea-length skirts lately. They look great with a crop top or comfy tee, with flat-forms or Converse. The length makes them super versatile, for example you could ride a bike in one without fear of flashing your bits.

I love how Hallie Swanson on Hallie Daily styled this bold tomato-hued skirt with a fun graphic tee and strappy heels. I think the look would have been just as cute with sneakers if you wanted to dress it down. It's easy to forget how basic a great skirt can be. We all get into our personal uniforms. I am super guilty of it too.

If anything, trying to dress like a fashionable individual through my pregnancy has forced me to broaden my horizons. It became evident at about 20 weeks in that my personal uniform of skinny jeans and heeled booties was not going to fly for the next few months. Now at 36 weeks I am learning the value of a crisp white Chuck Taylor, my go-to for pretty much every outfit I wear lately.

My goal is to try to retain some of the openness to new silhouettes I have gained and incorporate it into my post-pregnancy style. I am soooo excited to fit into normal clothing again. I'm not even talking about fashiony clothing. I am stoked to put on a regular tank and sweats and not have my tum tum hanging out of my shirt. But for the next four weeks, I will just have to remind myself that the Barney Gumble belly I'm rocking is host to my sweet girl, whom I am so excited to meet.

Anyway, this Dionysus Skirt from Coast is just the right length and a fun pop of color. Also, at $125.90 it won't break the bank, as long as you think of it as a timeless investment piece, which it is.

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