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Feb 22, 2011

fashion inspiration: That's So Raven

For this installment of fashion inspiration, we look to the divine Raven Simone, star and psychic title character of That's So Raven.
We love her embrace of femininity, and her fearlessness in the face of resembling a drag queen. The spunky psychic even foresaw the Yeti look that has been taking over Fall 2011 runways:
No doubt she inspired Prabal Gurung:
*Prabal Gurung Fall 2011 image via New York Magazine

So this is how BombPop does Raven:
We'll start off with our foundation pieces: A simple, well cut white tank and pastel skinny jeans:
Michael Lauren Tank
Pastel blue skinnies from Yoox
Obviously, we need some hot pink in this mix:
This blouse from Jil Sander is perfect. and versatile. And These boots from black rooster definitely bring the party-or seance in Raven's case.

And the look wouldn't be complete without a smack of Yeti. This Azzaro marabou jacket finishes the look off nicely.
Accessorize with giant hoop earrings ala Stephen Webster and a spunky attitude. HA! Now You're so Raven!

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