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Aug 25, 2014

Bombpop's Picks for Best and Worst Dressed at the VMAs

Well, the MTV Video Music Awards were last night, and let's just say there were some questionable choices making their way down the red carpet. The VMAs have always had a more relaxed attitude, giving artists some latitude when it comes to wardrobe decisions. This year was no different, making for a super fun red carpet experience, and giving Leah and I tons of options for both best and worst dressed of the evening.

Read on to see who did it right and who done gone crazy:



Welcome back, Solonge. You look pretty badass in this oversize H&M suit.

Laverne Cox looking maybe the best she has ever looked in this Marc Bouwer dress.

I have a soft spot for Charli XCX. If you are going to wear a tiger-striped jumpsuit, I think the VMAs is the place to do it.


The dress (or cape and skirt?) itself is fine, but it just doesn't look right with the amount of cleavage Kim likes to show. Even worse, Kim's make-up and dead eyed expression are giving me a wax museum vibe.

It's the new era of Taylor Swift: the unitard era. Did she join Cirque du Soleil? Seriously, I'm not into this bodysuit by Mary Katrantzou. Something is just off about it. Maybe the high neckline and the long sleeves?

I get that this was done out of love of Britney and Justin, and yeah, I feel that too. But I love it as something amazing that happened in the past, not as a great fashion choice for the present.

Who wore it better guys?



I actually love this look on Taylor. For me, it's just on the right side of "Ice Capades."

It's no secret that I think Miley is adorable. This sculptural leather set by Alexandre Vauthier is fun and her accessories are spot on.

Nicki Minaj looks refreshingly toned down in this mod sequined mini dress.


I'm pretty sure J Lo has worn this dress before, and worn it better.

I really don't understand what Amber Rose was going for here, but if it was "hoochie chandelier," she nailed it.

Demi Lovato looks ten years older in this tired red gown. Let it go, Demi, let it go.

That's our take on the 2014 VMAs red carpet. Tune in tomorrow for our choices for best and worst dressed at the  Emmys!

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