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Oct 6, 2013

Shopping For Fashionable Home Bargains at Target

Let's be honest, I do most of my shopping for my home at Target. I recently discovered that the South County Target in St. Louis off of Lindbergh is extremely organized and has a great selection of inventory compared to the Hampton Target closest to my house. For reference, here is what the dollar section of the South County store looks like.

This stuff is only $1!
Pretty organized, and a nice selection of cheap gift wrapping supplies to boot.

The focus of this trip to Target was to check out the latest housewares from the Threshold line. Threshold aspires to be like Anthropologie's home decor line, at roughly half the price. Some of my favorite items incorporated two trends I love: prints and gold.

First up, Threshold.

Threshold has lovely printed versions of almost everything. I was pretty taken with their printed lampshades.

Printed Lamp Shade
This lampshade will only set you back $25.

I also found this striking chartreuse rug, on sale for $20! There were 3 at the SoCo Target as of yesterday, but it doesn't seem to be available online. My camera phone really doesn't do it justice.

Printed Rug
The rug was roughly 3'X4', perfect for an entryway or hallway.
Threshold also offers great items in brass and gold. This accent table would work with almost any style of home decor.

Only $60.
Another golden accent table.

Also $60.

They also have some adorable brass bar supplies.

This $13 set would make a great gift!
$13 shaker for fanciful cocktail parties.

$130 brass bar cart.

Target shopping pro tip: get a red card. They have credit and debit options that will save you 5% on all purchases and you'll get free shipping when you shop online. Target donates up to 1% of red card purchases to local schools.

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