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Oct 3, 2013

STLFW: Project:Design

Last night I had the pleasure of attending Saint Louis Fashion Week's Project:Design. It started out with a cocktail hour full of treats for locals and visitors alike.

Then, on to the show!

First, highlights from designs by last year's official winner, Lauren Bander, and People's choice winner, Elise Lammert.

Lauren Bander:

 Elise Lammert:

Then, onto this year's contestants!

First up: Highlights from Abaya Dake:

Highlights from Black by Maria Silver:

Fouche (Highlights):

Highlights from Miita Collection by Angela Brugioni:

Spansen Files by Sabrina Spanta and Chanelle Bertelsen (highlights):

And finally, highlights from Q Liu by Qun Liu:

All photos by Samantha Page

And the Winner goes to (drumroll, please):
Miita, with Q Liu as runner up and Abaya Dake taking home the people's choice award.

I am so excited for the talent coming through this city! I can't wait for Industry Night this evening. 

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