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Dec 10, 2013

Playful Neutral Christmas Decor

I have a silver tinsel Christmas tree, which I love, but lately I've been feeling kind of over the bright multicolored ornaments and lights I've used to decorate it the past few years. I'm thinking of transitioning to a more neutral and modern feel, which I think will bring some subtlety to the sparkly retro vibe of the tinsel tree. But I also don't want my tree to be a complete snoozefest, so I'm hoping to maintain some of playfulness that my current colorful tree has. Here are a few fun neutral items I'm considering.

Felted Acorns from Etsy
Wire Drop Silver Ornament from CB2
Scalloped Wreath from Land of Nod
Snowflake Tree Topper from Crate&Barrel
Tree Skirt from Target
Bottle Brush Dachshund Ornament from West Elm
I especially love this one because it looks like my long-haired mini doxie, Louie. So, what do you guys think? Should I try to dress my silver tinsel tree in neutrals or will it be too boring?

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