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Feb 6, 2014

Eating Adventurously at the Libertine

I recently got around to visiting the Libertine for the first time during Clayton restaurant week. If you are looking for a new place to try for Valentine's Day it would be a great choice; the space is very cozy and romantically lit without being too dark.

Image courtesy of the Riverfront Times

The only issue I had with the space itself was that we were seated at the table closest to the bar, and I felt a little like the people who were standing nearby waiting for a table were staring us down. If you prefer more privacy, request a table in the back when making reservations.

Crispy pig tails with polenta.

For the first course, I had the crispy buffalo style pig tails with whipped gorgonzola brown butter polenta. The pig tails were a bit greasy for my taste and I didn't get a lot of gorgonzola flavor from the polenta. I probably would not order this one again.

The terrine board.

My husband has to try any terrine he encounters, and the Libertine's housemade board with Pâté de Campagne, Porchetta di Testa, pickled carrots, apple butter, and crusty bread did not disappoint.  At $8 for a half order that was large enough to serve as a meal on its own, the board is also a great value.

The ramen bowl.

The dish at the Libertine that I had been most looking forward to trying was the ramen, which is served with a soft poached egg, pickled shitake mushrooms, and molasses bacon. While the molasses bacon was delicious, the pieces were so large that it was a bit difficult to eat. The pickled shitakes added some much needed acid to the dish, and in my opinion were the best part.

The highlight of the Libertine for me were the cocktails. My favorite was the Monseigneur Bocephus, a bright and complex mixture of bourbon, Benedictine, sarsaparilla soda, and local honey. I'm definitely planning to try to recreate this one at home.

For dessert, I had red velvet cake with cream cheese ice cream, candied cocoa nibs, and dried beets, which doesn't seem to be on their regular dessert menu. The cake and ice cream were great on their own, but the beets added an unexpected earthy sweetness and crunch that made the dessert truly outstanding. If they have it when you go, it's definitely worth a try.

Overall, the Libertine suitably lived up to its decadent name. I definitely plan to return for cocktails and ramen as soon as I can.
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