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Feb 7, 2014

BombPop DIY: Repurposed Frame Makes an Adorable Earring Caddy

BombPop warmly welcomes guest blogger Carlynn Forst, local artist and clothing exchange extraordinaire. In this, her inaugural DIY, she makes a fetching earring tree from an old photo frame. Read on to find out how you can make your own adorable earring caddy!

So, a friend gave me an old photo frame she had once tried to repaint. I don't have a lot of physical photographs anymore, so I decided to transform it into a pegboard for earrings and such.

I took some 1/4" cork board, and cut it to the size of each opening. Using a ruler and Exacto knife is about the only way to do this. Be careful!

I then painted this bad boy in a color scheme that would complement my setting. After that I did a little sanding to bring out texture and contrast in tone. The insets were painted a different tone to make it more interesting. You should be able to use either acrylic or latex paint. Nothing special.

These are the colors I used:

Exchange the glass for cork board and there you go! A functional peg board/ earring caddy.

After a fews days of looking at my earring holder, I realized that it was missing something-an accent! So, I just thought of a simple design and hand-painted it on to the lower corner using cheap acrylic paint.  I chose to use yellow for the contrast and peppiness. 

 Also, I realized that I could use the holder to hang other "ear accessories" that I can't just jab into the cork board. All I needed was something that would stick out like a post. So I took some handy, dandy sewing pins and cut them short using wire cutters. They stick right into the cork and work like a charm.

The pins would also work well for earrings that have flimsier hooks or that you are just afraid of bending out of shape.

 So....any frame works. It would be totally cute to grab a thrift store photo frame, paint it up real cute and cork it out. You could also decoupage it, cover it in glitter or glue a bunch of buttons to it. 

 Feel free to share your creations, I'd love to see what everyone comes up with.



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