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Nov 4, 2014

Workwear Planning Made Easy With Wardrobe Journal

I'm not a morning person. It takes me at minimum an hour and a large cup of coffee to be ready to face the world each day. Knowing this about myself, I like to make my mornings as easy as possible by planning ahead. Every Sunday I figure out what I will wear to work each day during the following week. That might seem overwhelming if you are someone who has a difficult time deciding what to wear, but the task is made much easier by one of my favorite apps, Wardrobe Journal. I use Wardrobe Journal to record what I wear each day, then when Sunday rolls around all I need to do is scroll back through the outfits I've worn in the past to figure out what to wear in the upcoming week. 

Not only can you use the app to keep track of what outfit or articles of clothing you wore on a particular day, you can also add tags for events or people. This is helpful if you have a regular commitment, say a monthly meeting, and want to avoid wearing the same outfit every time.

You can also add notes and ratings to each journal entry. So if you receive lots of compliments when wearing a particular outfit, or have issues with a garment (a hole or loose button for example) you have a place to track that information. The app also has a robust search feature allowing you to easily determine when you last wore an outfit or article of clothing, quickly answering that eternal question, "Did I just wear this?"

If you've ever tried on more than three outfits before leaving the house in the morning, or purchased two identical articles of clothing without realizing it, or stared into a closet full of clothes thinking you had nothing to wear, Wardrobe Journal is the app for you. It is available on  iTunes for 99 cents.

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