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Aug 13, 2014

BombPop DIY: Mercury Gold Candle Holders

We are so excited to have local Artisan and bride-to-be Carolyn Shaw join us to share this clever DIY for mercury gold votive holders, a gorgeous addition to any table setting. Read on to find out how you can make these pretty centerpieces at home! 

Carolyn: As a teacher, having summers off can leave me with excessive down-time, so with my wedding on the horizon I decided to find a craft project to give my wedding a homemade touch. I settled on mercury gold votives, but after researching and not finding much I decided they couldn’t be that hard to fake…

Turns out they aren’t! Thanks to the internet, some inexpensive votives from Michaels, gold spray paint, painters tape, and water my wedding will have that DIY accent I was looking for. And if you’re not looking for a wedding centerpiece, these votives are perfectly functional for any of your decorating needs.

Metallic spray paint
Painter’s tape
Spray bottle
Drying rack
Scrap paper (use to catch dripping gold paint)
The process is simple and only takes a few minutes for each votive. First, I used painters tape to tape around the outside of the votive getting as close to the rim as possible. Don’t worry if the tape isn’t perfectly on the rim of the votive. After taping the votives, which is the most tedious part, I sprayed water inside of the votive. Before the water dried (you want them to be damp inside), I turned the votive upside down and shook out the excess. Still holding the votive, I sprayed a little burst of gold spray paint onto the inside of the votive. You don’t want to cover the interior completely; this will give it that mercury glass look. 

Once I finished with the paint, I placed them upside down on the drying rack. After about an hour I removed the blue paint and voila! I now have all the table decorations I need. I think it would be fun to try other metallic colors and also bigger glass vases. Try it out and let me know what you think!

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