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Jan 6, 2015

Nursery Inspirations

Now that the holidays are over, I've begun to fully focus on preparing for the baby on the way. The main things I need to do at present are decorate the nursery and build my baby registry.  Before I get too far with either of those projects, I need to decide what kind of space I want to create. I know that I want to keep the existing paint color in the room that will be the nursery: peacock blue. I haven't been able to find many examples of nurseries that use this color, but that isn't going to stop me because I love it. Since the main color of the room will be bold, I'm sticking mostly with black and white for accents, with pops of bright yellow. Black and white is a great color combination for a nursery, because babies find high contrast colors visually stimulating. Here are a few examples of modern nurseries with high contrast accents that are inspring me.

Source: BuyModernBaby

The color of this room is in the same family as the color in my nursery, just turned down a few notches. I love the black and white accents, the modern rocking chair, and the decals on the ceiling.

Source: Lay Baby Lay
This room is so adorable. I love the black and white pattern mixing and the artwork.The vintage dresser is pretty fantastic as well.

Source: Apartment Therapy
The color of this room is the closest match to mine that I've found, though it's still a bit lighter. I love the crib in this room, it's actually very similar to one I've had my eye on. I already own the same dachshund lamp pictured, only in yellow, and I do plan to use it in the nursery.

Source: Apartment Therapy
This room has a lot of the elements that I would like our nursery to have, including high contrast accents and artwork. Also, this nursery is similar to ours in that it is multifunctional; our nursery will be in the same room as our home office. And look, there's that rocker I like again!

Source: Little Gatherer
I'm in love with the accessories in this nursery, from the moon print, to the lightning bolt light, to the giant Lego block. I'm going to need one of those for sure!

So now that I have found my inspirations it's time to start putting together my registry. I need some help from any parents reading this: please recommend any stores you like for interesting and unique decor and accessories for kids rooms!

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