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Feb 9, 2015

"Fantaseyes-ing" About Summer

This past weekend was absolutely gorgeous. With temperatures in the 60s and brilliant, cloudless skies, it was the perfect chance to try out the stylish sunglasses sent to us by Fantaseyes.

Sam: As someone who is tough on her sunglasses, I love that the shades at Fantaseyes are very reasonably priced. Whether you are looking for something classic or perhaps something a little more fashion-forward, Fantaseyes has many fetching styles to choose from.

I opted for the "Lunada" style. I liked the oversized frame and the stud detailing. I wasn't expecting the brown mirrored lenses, which just goes to show that it's always a good idea to read the description when shopping online. I will definitely be putting these in my regular rotation this summer.

Leah: I tend to buy a few new pairs of sunglasses every year, so I agree that Fantaseyes' reasonable pricing is a big plus for me as well. I chose the "Princeton" style frames, which according to the website are tortoiseshell, so I was a bit surprised to receive sunglasses with a black frame and pink lenses. Nevertheless, I really like my new sunnies, they are nice and light, the earpieces fit very comfortably, and they will pretty much go with anything.

"Fantaseyes-ing" about a new pair of new shades? Check out www.fantas-eyes.com.

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