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May 14, 2015

Buster's Bunny Nursery

I shared my nursery earlier this week; today I have the pleasure of sharing my sister Molly's! I think I can speak for her and say we have really enjoyed experiencing the joys of pregnancy at the same time, especially the decorating part. Molly's husband, Bill, even got in on the fun, creating the above pennant welcoming their son, Buster, to his new room.

Molly and Bill purchased their house last year after they found out they were expecting, so this bedroom was intended to be a nursery from the start. The adorable navy rug is from Target and the changing table is from Babies 'R' Us. Both are currently on sale!

Molly and Bill also found their super comfy chair and ottoman at Babies "R" Us. I'm planning to come over to use them on a regular basis! The yellow throw pillow is from Target, but is no longer available.

Molly framed the seasonal illustrations from the book I Am A Bunny by Ole Risom, (illustrations by Richard Scarry) for artwork. The picture ledge is from West Elm.

The crib is also from Babies "R" Us.

The bunny theme is carried throughout the room. Flying bunnies adorn the curtains from IKEA. The bunny painting over the crib is from Etsy.

The bunny mobile is from Amazon.

These stuffed bunnies are from IKEA.

The little shelf is from Target, but is no longer available. The figurines are vintage.

The lamp, toy basket, and side table (similar) are from Target. 

Our mother made the embroidered picture above in between having my older sister and I. She gave the original to Molly and embroidered a copy for me after finding out we were both pregnant, to prevent any fights. She knows us well! 

Buster is due to arrive any day now, with Roscoe likely soon to follow. We are all beyond excited and ready to put these nurseries to use!

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