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Apr 13, 2011

Franklin's Corner

Franklin is my ten pound Boston Terrier/Chihuahua mix. He takes his fashion inspiration from both sides of his family tree. And, while Bostonians and Mexicans may be different in many, many ways, they can agree on one thing: Catholicism. So most of Franklin's taste leans to the iconic, with a smack of Day of the Dead meets St. Patty's Day. Any how, he has expressed a wish to have his own column, and after weeks of listening to him whine, I've decided to give him a go. Franklin-it's all you.

Gracias, Sam, you wont be disappointed. You ehsee, I get my fashion sense from my padre. Quite the Latin lover was he. Never afraid of any color combination. Oh the sweaters he wore!

He was ehso stylish. My Ma on the other hand, she didn't give a you know what. As long as a redsox logo was involved she would wear it.

Deese really influenced my style. Right now I'm liking bright colorblocking, ala Gucci S/S 2011:

Such as deese:

Now that you know me, I will look forward to seeing you again. In my corner. Franklin's corner.
A Manana and PEACE.


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  1. Franlin you are amazing. You should do a post on how amazing ears are. That is all.