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Oct 18, 2013

A Haunted Feast

I’m sad to report that I have no Halloween plans, which is really too bad because I have a pretty solid costume idea (hint, hint guys). I’m tempted to just give up on it, as Halloween falls on a Thursday this year, and mid-week Halloweens are always less fun than weekend Halloweens, science has proven. Despite that, I’m been fantasizing about hosting a macabre Halloween dinner party after unearthing some freakishly charming Halloween decor items (many on sale). Here are a few of my favorites.

Clockwise: Raven Decals from Etsy; Crow Wreath from Williams-Sonoma; Skull and Vise from Z Gallerie; Skull candles from Crate&Barrel
From the moment your guests enter your home, set a mysterious mood. Are those trick-or-treaters at the door, or just a raven, crying, "Nevermore?" Only the hostess knows for sure. Skull candlelight flatters even the palest ghouls. A decorative vise delicately reminds visitors to mind their manners, or else!

Clockwise: Glasswear by West Elm;  Day of the Dead Corkscrew by Crate&Barrel; Shotglass by Amazon; Coasters by Williams-Sonoma
Your guests are likely parched from tirelessly stalking their prey, er, preparing their costumes. Sate their thirst in gothic style. Metallic ombre glassware lets any beverage shine, while a festive corkscrew encourages guests to help themselves. Shots from a crystal skull glass are guaranteed to go straight to your head. Eerie coasters protect your furniture from any scary water stains.

Plates, Napkins, and Place Card Holders by Williams-Sonoma; Condiment Set, Bone Spreaders, and Serving Hands by  Pottery Barn 
Plates and napkins embellished with Victorian-style emblems lend an air of dark romanticism to the proceedings. A cauldron condiment set prepares your guests for some culinary black magic. Everyone needs a little extra hand now and then when serving guests. Think "a head" and plan your seating arrangement with these skull place card holders.

I would be remiss if I didn't suggest a menu to serve in the same vein as these selections. Here are a few possibilities courtesy of Martha Stewart:

See even more spooky ideas on our Halloween Pinterest board.

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