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Oct 18, 2013

Chicago Bound!

Hello All,

Next week I will be in Chicago for work. I am super excited to see the sights, shop, people watch, and just marinate in the Windy City. Oh and get some work done, too, I suppose.

photo courtesy citydata.com

So gorgeous, right? 

Now I need to pack. In general, Chicago tends to be quite a bit cooler than Saint Louis, so I will need a warm coat. I am excited to wear this amazing men's wear inspired coat I bought a couple weeks ago! 

photo credit Leah Hill

I probably couldn't of worn it here for a few more weeks, so thank you, Chicago, for being windy and frigid! 

But woman cannot dress on coat alone, so here are my other packing essentials:

1. A great white t-shirt (or whale, its your choice!)
2. One pair of fabulous heels. You never know what may come up. Be like a boy scout: always prepared.
3. Comfy jam-jams. My lazy butt plans on putting in some quality hotel time.
4. A cozy cardigan.
5. Distressed skinny jeans
6. Shoes you can walk in. Duh.
7. One easy dress (pack tights, yo, Chi-town's chilly!)

Luggage by Collection by Globetrotter

pjs by Olivia Van Hale, dress by Kenzo, cardigan by Max Mara, wedges by United Nude, jeans by Rag & Bone, heels by Charlotte Olympia, 
tee by Helmut Lang

Of course you'll need a few other things, but this should get you through your first couple days. You can either pack more separates or shop for them! 

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