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Nov 22, 2013

Rain, Rain, Give Me An Excuse To Buy Boots

It's a nasty, dreary, rain-spitting day here in Saint Louis, and while it pretty much just makes me want to wear my jam-jams, I still am a working woman and need to get to work with dry feet.

Enter the fashion rain boot. Not too long ago, rain boots, aka "rubbers" or "wellingtons" were relegated to east coast fishermen, or British people. But, within the last seven years they have become a fashion staple.

 Thanks to eternal fashion pioneer Kate Moss, I myself was inspired to step out in a dark green pair of Hunter boots at the start of the trend. I wore them to Saint Louis Mardi Gras, a local annual tradition that harkens from the New Orleans celebration, with substantially less religious ferver and about the same amount of binge drinking and redneck flashing.

Needless to say on that day seven years ago I got a few strange looks, but I also got a few complements (mostly from east coast fishermen). But my feet were dry and I felt sartorially superior, so, all in all, a success!

Now a days, everyone has a pair. And thats great! We can all slog through this nasty wet weekend together, and make it home with toasty warm tootsies. Yay warm feet for all!

I myself am shopping for a new pair. Here are a few of my favorites:

These riding inspired Rag and Bone for Hunter are great for country walks, or whatever.

Red hot Prada. Make the sidewalk sizzle.

Muk Luk makes a great, affordably boho pair.

This pair from Burberry is timeless.

Channel your inner nineties geek in this pair from Dr. Martins.

You can't go wrong with a classic pair in a great color. Like this one from Hunter.

I want to wear this pair from Loeffler Randall even when it's not raining.

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