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Dec 6, 2013

Fashion Inspiration: Edward Scissorhands

The holiday season always makes me want to revisit my favorite holiday movies. Like old friends or comfort food, they always make me feel warm and cozy.

One of my very favorite christmas movies is Edward Scissorhands, a Tim Burton classic. It has everything you could want; high school romance, pet grooming, leather, mild violence, all of your holiday go-tos! Plus, Edward has crazy cool style.

Whether dressed for day in a Saint Laurent inspired ensemble including high-waisted grey trousers, a slim white button down and suspenders, or dressed for night in head to toe bondage chic, Edward always looks his best.

Thus today we will celebrate his fashion prowess with two Edward Scissorhands inspired looks; one for day and one for evening.

Look One (day):

tee by Rag and Bone, clutch by Alexander McQueen, trousers by Marni, suspenders by Rad Hourani,
stilettos by Alice and Olivia
Look 2 (evening, or whenever you feel tough):

jacket by Balmain, shoes by Mango, scissor pendant by Pyrra, leather pants by Saint Laurent,
turtleneck by Rick Owens, clutch by Whiting and Davis

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