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Dec 5, 2013

Gifts for Cooks

I love making food almost as much as I love eating food. So, its no surprise that I am always happy to accept food-related gifts.  I already own and can personally vouch for a few of the suggestions below. The Victorinox knife is a sturdy, affordable (and super sharp) chef's knife that we use around our house on a daily basis. I find making a creamy soup or sauce much immensely easier with an immersion blender than the regular kind; buy one for any soup lover and they will thank you, I promise. The quince balsamic vinegar from Vom Fass is great in a salad dressing or drizzled on steamed veggies, and if quince isn't your bag, they have lots of other equally delicious oils and vinegars to choose from. The rest are things I would love to have, in case the cook you are shopping for is me!

1. Victorinox Chef's Knife from Amazon; 2. Culinary Torch and White Ramekin Set from Amazon:  3. Flavors of America Salt Collection from Uncommon Goods; 4. Chalkboard Sticker Labels from Crate & Barrel; 5. Immersion Blender from Amazon; 6. Russian Doll Measuring Cups from World Market; 7. Spice Mill from Uncommon Goods; 8. Tagine from World Market; 9. Modernist Cuisine from Amazon; 10. Pok Pok from Amazon; 11. Covered Server from Crate & Barrel; 12. Batik Salad Serving Set from Leif; 13. Slate Cheese Board from World Market; 14. Obsessive Chef Cutting Board from Uncommon Goods; 15. Quince Balsamic from Vom Fass
Just a quick note on the Pok Pok cookbook: my husband and I ate at chef Andy Ricker's Whiskey Soda Lounge when we were in Portland earlier this year, and it was probably the best place we ate on our trip, if not the best Thai food I've ever had, period. I've been dreaming about their fish sauce wings and green papaya salad ever since. If you know someone that likes Thai food and isn't afraid to of a trip to the international grocery store, then Pok Pok would probably be a good bet.

See even more gift ideas for cooks and chefs on our Pinterest board.

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