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Mar 8, 2011

fashion inspiration: Alex Mack

This installment is devoted to the always adorable and sometimes glowing Alex Mack, from Nickelodeon's "The Secret World of Alex Mack," who's nuclear powered hijinks personified tom-boy next door cool.

Today we discuss how to achieve her effortless look without looking like an aging extra from "The Sandlot."
"Your killin' me Smalls!"
Alright, I digress, here we go:

We start with this striped t-shirt dress from Diane von Furstenberg, in homage to the perpetual striped tee worn by Alex herself.
Layer it over these colorful tights from See by Chloe:

A pair of lurex navy socks from Topshop keep it casual and are sure to confuse your male companions. Obviously these will be finished with chunky sandals to perfect your tomboy chic look.
These hot mamas from Jimmy Choo United keep it classy. Now that we have the base of your Alex Mack outfit we can accessorize. A denim jacket is perfect, both sporty and chic.
This one from Acne will never go out of style. Now Alex always wore a hat so this part is key. Yet, a backwards baseball hat is a little passe, methinks a slouchy beanie might be more currant without straying too far from our creative vision:

This little softy from See by Chloe is darling and will go with almost anything.

Now finish your look with some fun bangles (these are by Tory Burch) and go get your Alex Mack on!

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