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Nov 5, 2013

Interior Design Inspiration: Suspiria

I feel like someone flipped a switch, and now everything I see or hear is Thanksgiving-related. And while I love Thanksgiving a lot, I might even say it's my favorite holiday, I'm not quite ready to let Halloween go yet. As a follow-up to my previous horror movie inspiration post, I want to focus on the gorgeous interiors of Dario Argento's creepy classic, Suspiria.

Sources: Pinterest
The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Suspiria is color, which isn't a surprise given that it was apparently one of the last films to use Technicolor and was somewhat inspired by Disney's Snow White. The primary (no pun intended) colors of the film are red and blue, with dashes of pink, purple, and green. Stained glass windows and other architectural elements also play a large part in the movie's unique atmosphere.

Rug and Mirror by Anthropologie; Glasses and Tray by Target; Chair by Kelly Wearstler, Bench by Jonathan Adler; Scarf by Alexander McQueen, Neon Light by Etsy.
You can't talk about Suspiria without mentioning wallpaper. Almost every scene features the most unusual patterns in the background. Here are a few that mimic the feel of the ones in the film.

Source: Wallpaper from the 70s
If you do decide to decorate with Suspiria in mind (and I hope you do) please share pics! With so many stirring visual elements, it is a film with a wealth of inspiration to offer.

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