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Nov 4, 2013

Inspiration: Gloria Steinam

Every once in a while, someone comes around who has the full package. They are inspiring not only sartorially but in almost every other facet of their lives.

 Gloria Steinam is one of those someones. Writer, feminist trailblazer, Equal rights activist, Playboy Bunny, CIA agent, the list goes on and on. And she did it all while looking amazing. I love a girl who can change the face of feminism while rocking a killer pair of knee high boots and a mini dress.

photo courtesy Fine Art America

I really love her looks from the 60's and 70's. This is also the time when she was in the thick of bringing women's reproductive rights and feminism into the limelight. In addition, Steinam was a strong vocal supporter of the Black Power movement. 

photo by abqjournalsage.com

photo courtesy Interview Magazine

Steinam serves as an example that fashion is not just for self absorbed, selfie-taking, shopaholic mean girls. Gloria is not a "fashionista." Gloria is a strong, stylish woman with an interest in fashion. And to me that is the definition of what inspires me and what I aspire to become.

photo courtesy jpmag.com

So now I will hop off of my soapbox and whip out a funky, Gloria Steinam inspired look just for you.

turtleneck by Olivia Widestead, boots by Vicero, glasses by Bottega Veneta, skirt by Isabel Marant, 
kimono by Top Shop,  ring by Max and Chloe

Photo Courtesy New York Magazine

Here she is posing with Terry Richardson, which is a little strange given his reputation. Aside from that, doesn't she look amazing for 79? It's women like Steinam and Martha Stewart (70) who make me think the secret to eternal youth is staying busy as heck! If you want to learn mere about Gloria Steinam click here, and prepare to feel inadequate.

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