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Dec 19, 2013

Gifts for Drinking Buddies

Well, we're down to the wire. Less than a week to go before Christmas. Are you finished with your shopping? I am, mostly. Still need to pick up a few last minute stocking stuffers. Speaking of, you know what makes a great stocking stuffer?  Booze. Not for everyone, of course, but if you choose to give the gift of intoxication, let me put forth one very strong recommendation: St. Germain! It is so delicious, especially with champagne, not available at every grocery store, and at a higher price point than many people are willing to pay for themselves. Or, if you don't think St. Germain would appeal to the drinker you are gifting, how about one of the options below? I've got something for everyone: beer drinkers, wine drinkers, and even teetotalers. Who doesn't appreciate a cute set of coasters?

1. Vino Sippy Cup from Perpetual Kid; 2.  Wallet Bottle Opener from Uncommon Goods; 3. Homebrew Kit from Target;  4.  Cocktail recipe book from Amazon; 5.  Ice Bucket from Jonathan Adler;  6. Wine-o-saur from Uncommon Goods; 7. Toast Coasters from Moma Store;  8. Fee Brothers Bitters from Amazon;  9. Wine Aroma Tasting Set from Uncommon Goods; 10.  Flask Bangle from Cynthia Rowley; 11. Metallic Print Glassware from West Elm; 12. St. Germain from Bevmo   
Many of these items would also make great hostess gifts if you are attending any parties during the holiday season. You can find even more ideas on our Pinterest board. I hope my gift ideas have helped you finish your shopping early. It's almost time to kick back, start unwrapping, and maybe have a drink. Cheers!

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