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Jan 13, 2014

Bombpop's Picks for Best and Worst Dressed at the Golden Globes

Ahhh, award season is upon us once again. That time of year when we mere mortals get to watch celebrities parade before us like circus freaks and judge them accordingly. Oh, and how we judge. So in honor of this much celebrated season of cattiness, Leah and I offer up our judgments for best and worst dressed, starting with the Golden Globes.


I was really happy to see so much color on the red carpet. At first I really thought nobody screwed the pooch too horribly, but then I kept watching. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately), you will have to wait a bit for the evening's missteps. Me being a girl who likes her good before the bad, we'll start with the women who did it right.

Best Dressed:

 Amy Poehler only wore this black Stella McCartney for her walk down the red carpet, but I was taken by the artful cut outs and pristine tailoring of this perfectly fitted frock.

This picture really doesn't do justice to this amazing beaded work of art by J Mendel, but Elizabeth Moss carried it off perfectly, with simple styling and a great red lip.

Emilia Clarke looks every bit the proud Khaleesi in this sequined white Proenza Schouler. This, ladies, is how you go white without going bridal.

And now, the worst dressed:

Oh Sandy, I do love you, but this Prabal Gurung frock looks like a reject from the Project Runway parachute challenge. Not to mention that you seem to have caught Anne Hathaway's unfortunate nipple seams from last year's Academy Award's ceremony. Look out ladies, they're contagious.

Yikes, another miss for Prabal Gurung. Zoe Saldana is cringe worthy in this early nineties era mess. The only thing I can say for it is that it fits like a glove. A hideous glove that wont come off.

This sad Rose Parade reject just looks dumpy on Berenice Bejo. It just shouldn't have happened.


I think Sam and I have must have twin brains, because I completely agree with all of her choices for best and worst dressed. I actually had to find some different ladies to highlight so we weren't repetitive, but I must give kudos to Emilia Clarke on looking especially amazing. She is always and forever my Khaleesi. And Bernice Bejo, look out! I think you have some kind of exotic fungus growing on you.

Best Dressed:

Olivia Wilde doing an amazing job of representing sexy pregnant ladies everywhere in Gucci.

Emma Watson, taking risks, wearing pants under dresses, and killing it in Dior.

Newcomer Lupita Nyong'o made a big impression in a Ralph Lauren dress with a built-in cape. Stunning.

The Worst:

This was tougher for me, because there were so many terrible choices to pick from. But here's what I went with.

I'm sorry Drew Barrymore, but this is just hideous. I feel bad picking on a pregnant woman, but there isn't any other word for it. What were you thinking Drew? "I'm pregnant, so I guess I'll wear this Monique Lhuillier bedspread?"

Extra points deducted for Heidi Klum (in Marchesa) as she is a former super model and current judge on a fashion design reality show. How can this woman be trusted to judge anything relating to fashion? See through floral print? And some kind of tassel choker? It's just too much.

Oh, Rashida Jones, I like you. I really do. But whoever told you to wear a palm tree printed dress needs to be fired. A palm tree print is appropriate for decorating your beach house, maybe, but definitely not for an evening gown, and DEFINITELY not for the Golden Globes.

Did we get it right? Who do you think was best dressed? And who needs a new stylist?

All photos courtesy New York Magazine

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