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Mar 12, 2014

Fashion Inspiration: Eastern Promises

When I am looking for sartorial inspiration, I not only look at the usual fashion blogs, street style photos, and runway shows, I also like to look at film and television. One unusual spot to find great outfit inspo is the Travel Channel. I love to see the different ways women of many ethnicities choose to garb themselves. In particular, the women of India are especially inspiring. I adore the way they aren't shy of color and never hesitate to load up on the jewelry.

Courtesy essenyahad.blogspot.com

Here are a few items I love that are inspired by the beautifully dressed women of India, but still maintain a western edge:

Red top by Star Power
Bracelet by Elizabeth Locke
Necklace by Jennifer Meyer
Scarf by Kenzo
Flats by Rowan Cove
Kimono jacket by Anna Sui

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