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Mar 19, 2014

Floral Arrangement Idea: Rose Spray and Lisianthus

I love bringing color and life to a room with live flowers, yet I lack the budget to buy pre-arranged bouquets. I find that buying a couple different inexpensive flower bunches from your local grocer or Trader Joe's can be way less expensive and way more personal than any pre-made arrangement. Plus I get to be creative and show off my taste level at the same time.

This past weekend I put a couple of these little bouquets together for a dinner party with friends. I used mason jars because I had them laying around and I think they seem springy and homey. I loved the vibrant purple hue of the lisianthus, so I chose to highlight it with sprays of yellow roses, yellow being purple's compliment on the color wheel.  The final effect was just what I was hoping for, prettyand polished, but not too fancy for an impromptu spring BBQ.

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