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Mar 17, 2014

House Mouse

Shopping for a new home can be tough, double that when your being super picky about the part of town you want. James (the husband) and  I are looking at two family homes in South City. We actually just made an offer on one, and I am very excited. Whether or not this one works out for us, it's nice to feel like we finally have the ball rolling after months of fruitless house hunting. Now that I have a place in mind, I feel like its ok to start planning out my decorating ideas.

I know I like a nice clean white for the walls in much of the home. I love how a crisp white wall just enhances any color you choose to add in your decor. The rental apartment we are currently living in has a darker cream color on the walls, which is nice, but just doesn't feel as modern to me as a true white does. In searching for great white room ideas, I came across this article in Elle Decor on the perfect white paint. Which is actually quite helpful.

Most of the places we have been looking at have had sun rooms, which seen to be a staple in South City Architecture. I like keeping the sun room casual, but definitely want it to feel finished. I'm thinking a fun, Moroccan style sitting room would be a great way to take advantage of the space, creating a great room for afternoon reading or entertaining company on warm summer evenings.

Courtesy Elle Decor

For the baby's room (squeal) I'm thinking a soft palette of very light blue with white and melon accents. I am having a girl, but I have never been a pink person, and I refuse to let gender stereotypes force my hand when it comes to decorating. Blue is such a lovely, calm color. Who wouldn't want that in their living environment?

*Update* While I was working on this post we received word that our offer was accepted on the new home! I am so thrilled and slightly overwhelmed by the amount of work I have ahead of me. I am still working on ideas for the rest of the home. The following photo's are merely inspiration for the work ahead of me. I look forward to posting before and afters of my new home this summer!

Please post links and photos of your own decorating ideas! I'm not married to any one style and would love your input.

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