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Mar 10, 2014

Original Gangster

Last Saturday my husband James and I attended a fabulous 1920's themed murder mystery birthday party at the home of my amazing friend and co-blogger, Leah Hill. And while I'm sure there will be more to come on the evening this week, this post is mostly about the outfit I put together for the evening.

Being 22 weeks pregnant (surprise!) makes any sort of ensemble a little tricky to put together, let alone a themed costume, but I think I was able to use items I have collected over the years to create a look that while not 100% historically accurate, seemed to work for the evening's hijinks.

Beret by Lord & Taylor: Vintage
Vintage Jewelry: My Great Grandmothers!
Dress by Leith: Available at Nordstrom.
Clodhoppers: Korkease.

My husband James makes a dashing Capo Toto Tequila. Franklin didn't make the party, but he is OG through and through.

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