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Mar 28, 2014

Santigold for Smashbox

I have been a fan of Santigold's unique brand of pop/hip-hop (hip-pop?) for about five years. Her music is fun, and makes me feel kind of bad-ass, which I like. As far as style goes, she's definitely not afraid to experiment, and she's kind of a tom-boy, which I also like. So what's not to like about a Santigold/Smashbox mashup? Nothin. That's what.

image via Shaxinart
I can't speak to the pigment quality of the shadows, but this palette is gorgeous. Smashbox is usually pretty reliable with it's eye makeup, so I will definitely add this sassy compact to my makeup bag.

I love the idea of the snake pyramid on this poison ring-like lipstick, but when I tried on the ring itself it was a bit heavy, and rolled around on my finger. I would recommend this to someone with a less physical job than mine. Like a hand model, or a french maid.

The lipgloss is a sure bet. Smashbox makes great lipgloss. And I would definitely recommend the eyeliner pencils to anyone looking to add a quick and easy pop of color to their spring makeup look. The Santigolden Age collection for Smashbox is available at Sephora.

All photos courtesy Vogue.com.

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