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Mar 25, 2014

Searching for the Perfect Spring Trench

I've been looking for a new trench coat for (literally) years. I love how double-breasted trench coats look, but as someone with an ample bosom (yes, I said bosom) I find that I generally have fit issues with them. Thus, I am on the hunt for a cute single-breasted or buttonless trench. You'll find the latest crop under consideration below. Help me choose!

Juna Rose 3/4 sleeve trench

I really like how this Juna Rose trench gives the illusion of a double-breasted fit, plus I am all about an animal print.

Merona Striped Trench from Target
I'm a little in love with this striped trench from Target. And at under $60 it is the most affordable option.

Les Prairies de Paris Histoire Trench from Asos
This oversized trench from Asos may be my favorite so far, unfortunately it is also the priciest.

Michael Kors Hooded Trench from Nordstrom
This option from Michael Kors has a great classic trench shape plus a huge added bonus: a hood!

Pleat Collar Trench from Nordstrom
I know what you are thinking: white coats are not very practical. But guess what? This one is machine washable!

Flowing Trench Coat from Zara
Buttons, who needs buttons? Not me. And did I mention that I love animal print?

Floral Trench from eShakti
Your eyes do not deceive you, this one is double-breasted. However, since eShakti's clothes are made to order according to the customer's measurements, the coat should fit perfectly. And I love the floral print for spring.

This is going to be a close one, folks. I could see myself in any of these coats. Which one should I choose?


  1. Yeah, I like that Asos one myself, but dear jesus, it is expensive!

  2. Heres a very reasonble option: http://www.llbean.com/llb/shop/78466?feat=504728-GN2&page=discovery-rain-jacket

  3. I know, spending $700 on something from Asos just seems silly. The rain jacket is reasonable, but I'm really looking for a trench.