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Apr 4, 2014

Casual Friday

Photo via lifeofanarchitect.com
As anyone who knows me can tell you, I have a hippie streak in me that can't be contained for long.
Perhaps the fact that I am about to become a mama that's bringing the earth mother out in me. Or maybe its just the oncoming spring. Whatever it is, I cannot wait to get out in my garden and plant like crazy. Leah's post on flowering trees this week has me hoping that the magnolia tree in my backyard will flower before I move to my new home. You've got three weeks, tree, make it happen!

Well, now that I've put the backyard Magnolia on notice, I can get down the real reason for my seventies flashback. This dress:

I guess my boho side is coming on a little strong today, because I am feeling this smock-like dress from Etoile Isabel Marant.  It looks super comfy like it would fit over  my growing baby bump, but  I could definitely wear it after baby, too.  I think it would look great with ankle boots or simple sandals. Maybe I would toughen it up with a leather moto jacket. So many possibilties. What would you wear it with?

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