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May 22, 2014

Safavieh for Target

Last week when I was hunting for cute outdoor decor, I stumbled upon the Safavieh for Target collection. I feel like Target hasn't promoted this online-exclusive line much, especially considering that my sister, who works at Target, hadn't heard about it. Which is really a shame, because it is easily the best home decor collaboration they've had in a while, or maybe ever.

1. Velvet toss pillows (set of two)
2. Lamps (set of two)
5. Gafsa dining chairs (set of two)
10. Shelf

Safavieh (pronounced Sa-fa-vi'-a, rhymes with Mama Mia) is a home furnishings brand based in NYC. Target has broken the line into several style collections: Young Contemporary, Classic Townhouse, Country Chic, Eclectic Sophisticate and Cottage Retreat. I'm a little bit Young Contemporary and a little bit Eclectic Sophisticate, but all of the collections included items I liked. As you might expect, Safavieh's offerings for Target are priced much lower than similar items for sale on Safavieh's online store. Check it out while it lasts!

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