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Apr 7, 2015

Sister Style: Maternity Edition

I love A Beautiful Mess, particularly their sister style posts. I've been meaning to do a copycat post with my sister, Molly, for a while. We finally made it happen and upped the ante a bit by making it all about maternity style! Yes, my sister is also pregnant. She's due two weeks before I am, though we're pretty sure we'll end up going into labor at the same time.

My sister's friend Lane, of Willow Lane photography, conducted our maternity shoot at the Missouri Botanical Garden, one of my favorite places not just in St. Louis, but anywhere. Our husbands joined in the fun as well. It was a gorgeous day and we were all feeling the baby love.

We're like, can you believe we are both pregnant at the same time? Yes! We are crazy.

This may be my new favorite picture ever of my husband Josh and I!

This bird print dress, which I love, is from ASOS. It is, unfortunately, no longer available. My denim jacket is from Old Navy. The necklace was a gift from Molly; it is from J.Crew.

Molly's denim dress is from Target; the belt is included. Her necklace is from. J. Crew, but is no longer available.

Forget what I said before: this may be my new favorite photo of my husband and I!

Molly and her husband, Bill, are pretty cute too!

Love this shot through the wall!

This bodycon floral number is also from ASOS. As I mentioned in my Favorite Pregnancy Stuff post, ASOS has the best selection maternity dresses that I've found. My bracelet (another gift from my sister!) is J. Crew, but sadly no longer available. My platform sandals are from Nordstrom Rack, and are also no longer available. Here are some that are similar.

Molly's dress is also from ASOS, as are her shoes, which are no longer available.

Lane is seriously the sweetest person ever! She made all of us feel so comfortable, although we were shooting somewhat intimate shots in a public setting. And her gorgeous photos speak for themselves. If you are in need of a photographer for any reason, I HIGHLY recommend you get in touch with her.

Hope you enjoyed our maternity sister style photos. I would like to do another post like this before the babies get here, but the clock is ticking!

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