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Apr 2, 2015

Black and White Rugs

I've been obsessed with black and white for a while now, and my fervor is not abating. I'm currently on the hunt for the perfect black and white rug for my nursery. Which one should I get?
1. Myrium Rug in White and Ebony from Burke Decor
2. Nomad Area Rug from Lamps Plus
3. Cabana Rug in White and Ebony from Burke Decor
4. Black and White Stripe Rug from Burke Decor
5. Black On White Estambul Rug from 2 Modern
6. Urban Bungalow Rug from Inside Avenue
7. Lappljung Ruta Rug from IKEA
8. Anice Black Rug from Crate&Barrel
9. Casablanca Rug from Lamps Plus
10. Dresden Black/White Area Rug from All+Modern
11. Stockholm Rug from IKEA
12. Shag Black and White Rug from All+Modern

Truth be told I'm already pretty set on #7. My husband is making a trip up to Chicago next week and is going to pick it up from IKEA. A few of the other items I was hoping to get from IKEA are sadly not in stock in either Chicago store (whomp whomp), so I'm having to do some last minute shuffling. I cannot wait to get this nursery finished!

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