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Sep 4, 2013

Fashion Icon: Emmanuelle Alt

Editor of Vogue Paris, Emmanuelle Alt, has great style.
This may not come as a surprise to anyone, given her profession, but in a sea of magazine editors ebbing and flowing with the fashion world, she stands out. Alt has developed a personal uniform that not only doesn't get old, it continues to inspire.
Maybe its because she's French that she can simultaneously ooze "rock and roll" and "chic polish." Emmanuelle Alt has style that commands attention (and I'm not referencing her love for a good military detail).
Lets face it. She looks great. But the really cool thing about her look is how doable it is. She's all bout the statement jacket, a casual under pinning, a great fitting jean, and a stiletto. These are pieces I think most people have at least one of each in some way, shape, or form. So let's try it. Thanks Emmanuelle, for pointing out the obvious in our collective closet.
Please note that one may add accessories or not, the outfit works either way. E-Alt, as I like to call her, goes without, so you know, use your best judgement. Jacket by Balmain, top by Etoille Isabel Marant, jeans by Frame Denim, Shoes by Lara Bohinc.
Thanks again, Emmanuelle. Also, the old show Emmanuelle might be a great place to look for some inspiration (fashion or otherwise)...

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