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Oct 10, 2013

Music We Like: Sister Acts

So, let's talk about indie music. Wait, scratch that, let's just talk about music. The term "indie music" really doesn't mean much anymore. Former major label artists are releasing music on their own (Radiohead), artists on indie labels are winning Grammy Awards (Arcade Fire). Who cares? People generally just like what they like, and either they care about an artist "selling out" or they care more about the music itself and how it makes them feel.

Which brings me to Haim (rhymes with time), the band that inspired this post. Haim is fronted by three sisters: Este, Danielle, and Alana. While the band has received a lot of praise for their poppy hooks, they have received an equal amount of criticism for being too poppy to be an indie band. They are frequently compared to major mainstream artists such as Fleetwood Mac and even, gasp!, Shania Twain. To me, this matters little. I LOVE Fleetwood Mac, and who hasn't gotten down to "Man! I Feel Like a Woman" at some point?

Haim doing what sisters do best: fight! Source: Spin Magazine

The band first caught my attention with the singles "Forever" and "Don't Save Me" released last year. Their new album, Days Are Gone, debuted on Polydor/Columbia (i.e. not an indie label) late last month. Since the moment I first heard them (I think it was "Forever"), I've been in love. Not only because of their Christine McVie inspired vocals, but also because there is something about sisters harmonizing that always resonates with me. Perhaps it's because I have sisters of my own that I like to harmonize with (or attempt to) from time to time.

Source: Spin
Anyway, maybe you have biological sisters you love, maybe you don't. Maybe the idea of something that sounds remotely like Shania Twain repulses you, or maybe you think she's the greatest pop songstress of all time. Either way, I suggest you at least give Days Are Gone a chance. In my opinion, the album is one of the most consistently listenable released so far this year, "easy listening" in the best possible sense. Favorite tracks aside from those already mentioned are "Falling," "Honey & I," and "My Song 5."

You can listen to Haim's album as well as my Sister Acts playlist, featuring Haim and other bands of sisters (Heart, Shonen Knife, ESG, etc.), on Spotify. Happy listening!

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