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Apr 11, 2014

6 Bridesmaid Dresses You Will Love

This month, Jennifer Lawrence graces the cover of yet another magazine. But it might not be what you think. This time the sassy starlet plays second fiddle as a bridesmaid in her gorgeous friend's wedding party on the cover of Martha Stewart's Real Weddings.
As a fan of both Jennifer Lawrence and Martha Stewart, as well as an upcoming maid of honor, I will be pouring over every page of this magazine. Carolyn Shaw, you are on notice. I need a girly date.

Anyway, back to my original point, it's nice to see J-Law has to deal with the same bridesmaid dress issues as the rest of us. I mean, she looks great, but it's a pretty typical dress for a girl who would wear this. My point is that its hard for everyone to pick a great bridesmaid dress. You want to look fabulous and like yourself, but you don't want to outshine the bride.

Thus, I have combed the interweb for dress choices with personality that won't steal the show (too much). Enjoy.

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