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Aug 1, 2014

Real Talk About Nude Heels

Alright ladies, its time for some real talk about the nude heel. While the nude stiletto has become a wardrobe staple, it does NOT go with everything. The patent variety (seen below), has no home but the workplace. Yes, it will look fabulous with your j. crew separates. Yes, it will look amazing with your day-to-evening DVF. But only for the "day" portion of that equation. Unless you are spending it at a church function, the "evening" half of your day requires something with a little more zest.

In saying that, I am not asking you to rid yourself of the basic shoe (crutch) you have come to rely on. I am merely suggesting that a more exciting shape in a nude hue might take you further, i.e. all the way to happy hour. Now, if you would prefer to wear your patent nudes to work and bring a sassier pair with you for dinner, that's great. But if your like me, you are in a hurry to get your post-work drink on, and you would rather truck it to happy hour as you are. If that's the case, here are a few fun nude options that will carry you from work to wine bar in style.
Sergio Rossi


Tom Ford


Reed Krakoff


Charlotte Olympia


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