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Dec 16, 2014

Gift Ideas for Handy Men (and Women)

Do you have someone in your life that you can always rely on to help you? I can think of many attractive qualities for human beings to possess, but perhaps none should be so highly prized as being handy.The stereotypical handyman most people think of carries a tool box, but being handy in today's world includes a broader spectrum of activities and people (hey, women can be handy too!) than ever before. Here are just a few ideas for making those valuable fix-it folks happy this holiday.

1. Samurai Sword Umbrella from Z Gallerie
2. Keychain Screwdrivers from Kauffman Mercantile
3. Handyman in Your Pocket from Best Made Co.
4. Tube Wringer from Kauffman Mercantile
5. How to Stay Alive in the Woods from Terrain
6. Leather Driving Gloves from Mr. Porter
7. Leather Tool Roll from Kauffman Mercantile
8. 4 in 1 Travel Adaptor frorm MoMA Store
9. Titanium Multi-tool Collar Stays from Uncommon Goods
10. Ten in One Ultimate Bartending Tool from Amazon
11. Key Ring Compass from Kauffman Mercantile
12. Outdoor Wood Cooler from World Market
13. Red Metal Toolbox from Kauffman Mercantile

See more gift ideas on our Pinterest board.

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