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Jan 27, 2015

Modern Rockers

I like to rock. Judging from what I've seen in stores, these days gliders are the chair of choice for most nurseries. But for me gliding just isn't as satisfying as rocking. And while I enjoy a classic, traditional rocker, my dream nursery is decidedly modern in style, so my rocker must be also. Here are some gorgeous options for moms and dads who want to rock at a variety of price points.

1. Mid-century Rocker from Land of Nod
2. Teak Rocker from Chairish
3. Classic Wooden Rocker from Land of Nod
4. Baxton Studio White Plastic Rocker from Houzz
5. Neo Rocking Chair from Land of Nod
6. Danish Modern Teak Rocking Chair from Chairish
7. VÄRMDÖ Rocking Chair from IKEA
8. Jeremiah Fabric Back Rocking Chair from Crate & Barrel
9. POÄNG Rocking Chair from IKEA

Parents out there, do you prefer to rock or glide? How about your little ones? 

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