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Jan 22, 2015

What Should Have Been the Color of the Year?

Since 2000, Pantone has selected one shade as the Color of the Year. I still adore last year's color, Radiant Orchid. This year's selection, Marsala, a reddish brown shade more reminiscent of dried blood than wine, was a bit of a let down. Luckily, there are many other great colors to choose from in Pantone's Fashion Color Report Spring 2015. Read on to choose the hue you think will be the biggest this year.

Classic Blue:
Source: Elle Decor
Blue is by far the most heavily represented shade in the Spring Color Report; there are four blues and one blue green. Among them, Classic Blue is my favorite. But I do feel like this shade, similar to a Yves Klein blue, has been popular for a while now, so maybe it doesn't scream 2015.

Scuba Blue:
Source: Elle Decor
I'm also very fond of Scuba Blue. It reminds me of the ocean and being on vacation. Now that's the feeling we all need in 2015!


Like Marsala, the name of this shade doesn't really seem to match the color. When I think of Aquamarine I think of a much bluer shade, something closer to Scuba Blue. On the other hand, this purple-y, grey hue, let's call it greyple, seems fresh but simultaneously familiar and comfortable: a great pair of characteristics for the color of the year to have.

Source: Elle Decor
We had a green Color of the Year back in 2013, with Emerald. It is probably too soon to choose green again, but I feel like I've been seeing a lot of dark greens like Treetop lately, especially in decor.

Source: Elle Decor
Pantone has only chosen a shade of yellow as Color of the Year once in 25 years, back in 2009. I'd say it's high time for another yellow, and I'm particularly in love with this soft, creamy version.

Toasted Almond:
Source: Elle Decor
Like yellows, browns are criminally underrepresented among past Colors of the Year. Can anyone deny that light browns in particular have been growing more and more popular the past few years in fashion and decor? At the same time, because light browns and tans such as this are so ever present it is hard to argue that 2015 is the year to really spotlight them.

Source: Elle Decor
While Toasted Almond feels a little too common to be Color of the Year, Titanium seems like the perfect choice. It is a gorgeous color, an underrepresented neutral, and best of all, extremely easy to wear and use in your home.

Glacier Grey:
Source: Elle Decor
Glacier Grey is in the same color family as Titanium, but it feels a bit more common to me and therefore not as great a candidate for Color of the Year.

So what do you think? Did Pantone get it right or should one of the colors above been chosen as color of the year? Or is some other shade deserving of the title?

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