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Mar 10, 2011

fashion inspiration: Lindsay Wier of Freaks and Geeks

Good gawd I love this show. That said, it's gone. Gone gently into the night taking my high school angst fix with it. My precious dvd set of the first season sits alone.

Although the show is long gone, we can still draw inspiration from the show's protagonist, Lindsay Wier.
Awe, look how awkwardly she leans up against that locker. *sniff*

Anyhow, we must man up, if that's what you can call it.
Now there's no denying that this is a casual look. But that doesn't mean we can't do it up right. Let us begin:
We start with a cute and comfy tank from T by Alexander Wang.

Tuck that bad boy into these high waisted trousers from 7 For All Mankind. Now your lookin' snappy!
A little cardigan from Missoni spices up your look.
Now you can't do Lindsay Wier without her token army reg jacket:
This offering from Rag and Bone has just the right amount of "damn the man."
Throw on some cute booties, these are from Belle by Sigerson Morrison, and a hippie dippy necklace and you are Wierded out!
necklace by Jennifer Zeuner

So now let your freak flag fly (or your geek flag, it's your day) and get it, girl.

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