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Mar 15, 2011

Johnny Depp: Madd Hatter

So Apparently there is such thing as The Headwear Association, and not only that, they have an annual prize devoted to the "Hat Person of the Year." This years prize goes to Johnny Depp, known for his love of a good head piece.

Yes, both on and off screen Depp is known for his love of a good hat. Perhaps he gets cold easily. Perhaps he has a scalp issue. We will never know. What we do know is that Johnny Depp is cool. Ergo, hats are cool, so lets look at some cool hats:

This sassy little wicker number is from Junya Watanabe
Eugenia Kim
Grace Hats
All Saints
Eugenia Kim

So I hope this inspires you to go ahead and put a hat on it!

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