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May 5, 2011

flashy lights

Driving back home from Vegas was a trek. But at least we had the luxury of air conditioning as we plowed through the desert. It put me in the mood for some great pairings of earth tones and sky blue...

*dress by Calvin Klein

This blue dress is casual, but could be dressed up, and totally comfortable.

This macrame belt by Etro will cinch your waist nicely.

*Wedges by Givenchy

A pair of wedge sandals grounds the look.

*cuff by Tiffany & Co

add some sparkles...

*watch by Brera Rose

I would stack the watch right over the bracelet, probably on the arm sans strap for balance.

lastly a jacket for those cold desert nights:

*Jacket by R13

I hope you enjoy, you cheeky monkeys.

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